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Alice's Restaurant ~ Dishin' Up Food for Thought ~~~ A place to share what I am thinking, reading, feeling & contemplating as I travel on this journey called life.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The ABC's of Me!

Got this from another blog I follow so thought I would do it ~ hope you enjoy reading about me!
The ABC’s about ME!
Age: – 54! 
Bed size: Queen!
Chore you dislike: Cleaning the bathroom ~ ugh!
Dogs: Not any more ~ much easier to travel without any pets.
Essential start to your day: Reading my Bible, writing a daily journal entry
Favorite color: Purple
Gold or silver: Either
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet.  I played my Grandpa's clarinet and still have it to pass on to one of the grandchildren.
Job title: Friend Maker ~ love to be around people and make new friends!
Kids: 2 Wonderful sons here on earth and 2 little boys in heaven and 2 delightful daughters-in-love and 4 special grandchildren!!
Live: Wherever the motor home is parked!
Mom’s name: Mom, Peggy but we called her Yeggp!  Miss her so much some days!
Nicknames: Ali, Ali Cat
Overnight hospital stays: Too many to count!!
Pet Peeves: Rude people, people who talk with food in their mouths
Quote from a movie: none but really enjoyed seeing We Bought a Zoo!  with my hubby and friends last week.
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Siblings:  1 sister older and 1 sister younger ~ Yep I am a Middle-Child.
Time you wake up: During the week between 6:15 and 7:00 a.m.  On the weekends as late as I can sleep in.
Underwear: Yep, every day!!!
Vegetables you don’t like: Can't think of any.
What makes you run late: hate  to run late.
X-Rays you’ve had: Again, too many to count.
Yummy food you make: Chicken gumbo - recipe I got from my mom!
Zoo animal favorite: monkeys!
If you decide to do this let me know so I can come check it out!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Puzzling - what do you think?

OK..I sent the following email out to the Lone Star Corral yahoo group - and then I have gotten comments that say this doesn't make sense.  Does it make sense to you??

Dear Lone Star Corral Members

I sent out an email today to ALL current LSC Members and received 15 back due to wrong or invalid email addresses. 

IF you are a CURRENT LSC member and did not receive an email from
today, January 16th please send me an email at so that I can have your correct email address.

IF you are not sure that the LSC office has your current email address send an email so I can verify.

Thank you, Ali

So what do you think?  Does it make sense?

Let me say it this way...I sent out an email to the individual members of the Lone Star Corral from the LSC Office email account and then got 15 emails saying they were not deliverable - meaning for one reason or another the email did not go through.  So  then I went to my private email and sent an email to the Yahoo group for the LSC members (that email does not go to individuals but to the Yahoo group).  My question was if the LSC member did not get an email from me via the office email address to please let me this so hard to understand?

I am puzzled.  I thought my email was pretty clear - maybe not.  Thanks for any feedback - Ali

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Morning Thoughts

I woke up this morning thinking about work: internet use, letting others "issues" becoming my own and that I need to stop taking things personally.  And that instead of letting things or people get to me I need to send up "arrow" prayers for God to help me through a situation or interaction with people who seem to get under my skin.     

We have made the decision to extend our contract here at the Lone Star Corral and I don't want nor can it be a year filled with irritation.  I need to not let things get to me because then I take those irritants home and treat Ron in a not so nice way like snapping at him when he has done nothing wrong.  That is why I need to take things to God in prayer.

And then I turned to my Bible reading for this morning and it was Proverbs my words:

Trust in the Lord with all my heart
Lean not on my own understanding
In all my ways acknowledge the Lord God as my Everlasting Father
And then He will direct my paths.

Thank you Lord for these verses this morning as a reminder that I need to continually put my trust in You, seeking You in all areas of my life, not just with the big stuff but with the day to day things.  Knowing You are always present in my life and You will guide me in all my activities and interactions with others.  Help me to remember to keep my focus on You.  Your daughter, Ali. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ramblin' Thoughts

What a day today has been ~~~

~ don't understand why some people think lying is okay.  That it justifies their behavior to get what they want.  And then when they are challenged about lying they say you don't understand, you don't know the "crap" I have had to deal with in my life ~ you are right but I have had to deal with a ton of crap in my life too but that does not make lying okay, for any reason.

Now I am not talking about lying in the sense of pulling off a surprise party or pulling a prank for fun with someone.   I am talking about lying about your behavior or what you are doing.  I can't think of any reason why lying is okay...can any of you?

~ then being yelled at by someone because they are upset because they are being told they have to follow the rules.  Rules they agreed to follow and now because the rules are trying to be enforced "people are picking on them."  Once again, if you don't like the rules no one is making you stay ~ it is your choice.  But whether you stay or go STOP yelling at me!  I am trying to do my job.  The job I was hired to do.  Enforce the rules that you have put into place.

~ if you ask my opinion or what would I do don't say that won't work, or I've tried that a hundred times, or tell me that is a stupid are the one who asked my opinion.  If you don't want to hear that opinion then don't ask me for it.

~ can you tell I am frustrated?  I am.  And I am taking a moment to catch my breath, clear my head and start over fresh.  Please don't tell me not to pull back or don't leave...taking a break is not quitting.  It is just that  a break.  Life a coffee break, stepping back and checking things out.  It's okay to do that.

OK, I feel a little better.  Hope you are not offended by by Ramblin' Thoughts - they are just my thoughts and I needed them out ~ you know what they say better out than kept in to explode.  I don't explode any more.  I stop and breathe, reflect and make healthy choices.  Much better way to do things.  Don't you agree?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year!

It is a very windy and blustery day here in D'Hanis, TX.  I couldn't sleep so thought I would get up for a little while and then take a nap in a little bit.
I was looking for a Happy New Year picture and found this one ~ it reflects what I am thinking about for this New Year ~

~ an empty road ~~  we are on a journey, traveling down a new path each and every day, with new opportunities around every corner.

~ fire works ~~ excitement to see what the new year will bring to our lives ~ new friends, new opportunities to share God's love with others, new adventures such as a trip back to Blaine & Molalla to see our sons, sweet daughters-in-love and our wonderful grandchildren, and seeing new places here in Texas.

May y'all have a wonderful year in 2012!