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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have been having lots of weird, different, confusing dreams in the last week or so.  Let me share one of them:

The scene:  I am working at Lone Star Corral as Office Manager.

What happened:  I am checking the mail.  In the mail is an envelope with familiar writing,  The owner of Lot #3.  The writing on the outside of the envelope says "You + 2 = 3 which is Me."  And I am livid...I am bothered by the fact this man keeps sending me these cards and letters hinting, quite broadly to say the least, that he wants a relationship with me.  And so I decide I am going to go and tell Bonnie, my boss, "Enough is Enough" and I head to the door.   In reality I wake up, ready to bound out the door ready to raise a fuss demanding this stuff to stop.  I sat on the bed and just laughed...boy was that dream vivid.  

Wonder what that is all about?  By the way, the owners of Lot #3 are a sweet couple and not even here in the park right now.

And so this got me to thinking.  What causes dreams?  Do they really have any reflection on life and what is happening in our lives.  Why do I remember some so vividly and others I tell myself I want to remember and just a few minutes after waking up I can't remember a thing.

Along with dreams are nightmares.  I used to have nightmares, some several times a night.  I am so happy that the Lord has healed me from having those nightmares.   I am thankful I do not wake screaming or crying or even hitting out at people who are not there.  I guess I will take having dreams, even ones that don't make much sense to a nightmare any night of the week.

What about you ~ do you dream?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you put any stock into them?